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War Against Stage Fright – Smart Strategies from 3 Public Speaking Experts

By August 28, 2017 4 Comments

Stage Fright _ War Against

Quit the sentiment – Stage Fright is an enemy to your Public Speaking life. The earlier you treat it as such, the better for you. It happens to the best of us, but how we deal with it is what determines the outcome on stage.

I had to borrow help from some good friends of mine; renowned Public Speaking experts, to share with you some smart strategies to adopt in winning this war against stage fright, so you can step out confidently and speak like a Pro.

Jimi Tewe

Career Success Catalyst, Motivational Speaker, Author, CEO, Inspiro Consulting

Stage Fright is the definition of a psychological condition in which a person borrows fear from the future about an upcoming performance from past failures, transferred fear from others and a general lack of self-confidence.

Every speaker gets tempted by stage fear but not all speakers succumb to it.

Stage Fear will speak To You. It’s Up To You to Listen or Not

Whenever you want to speak, Stage Fear will speak to you. You have to choose whether to listen to it and obey it OR chose to focus on the fact that you have value you carry that you must deliver for the benefit of the audience.

If you chose to take your eyes off the fear of poor performance and put it on faith for great performance, you redefine what stage fear means. Real Stage Fear: when you are so good, the stage is afraid of you!

Japheth Omojuwa

Nigerian blogger, public speaker, socio-economic and political commentator and social media expert

How to overcome stage fright

You have to do your research on the subject matter and have enough content to share with the audience.

Practice as much as possible

Understand that the audience isn’t there to judge you. Don’t be intimidated by the audience.

Don’t be obsessed with “what if I fail?” instead spend the time focusing on knowing as much as possible on the subject matter.

Then step out and just do it and have fun.


Fola Folayan

Nigerian radio broadcaster and media entrepreneur

Stage Fright comes from FEAR.

Fear of what ifs. What if I forget my lines? If the audience doesn’t like my presentation? Or I freeze when I get up on stage? To overcome that fear, what I do is I prepare and over-prepare. Know your key points. I believe you will have more confidence when you are well prepared.

I always like to have prior notice and for beginners especially, if speaking in public doesn’t just come naturally to you or even if it does come naturally to you, nothing beats preparation. It is just like being on radio, even if you have been practicing for ten years, you still must have some sort of show prep.

If it is psychological for you, then you will have to develop your mind to get over the reactions of the people so you don’t let it bother you so much that it destabilizes you.

Know your triggers, if you are someone who is easily distracted, avoid too much eye contact. You have to work on your mind not to allow anybody’s body language affect your presentation.


How about some extra tips? 

Tola Omoniyi

Broadcaster, Public Speaker, Events Host and Media Entrepreneur

It all starts in the mind, so you need to overcome the fear in your mind before you get on stage. Here’s how. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself on that stage speaking so well like that dynamic Public Speaker that you are. See the audience enjoying your performance. Hear the resounding clapping ovation you get after you’re done. See it! And believe it.

Prepare! Prepare so well that even if your notepad gets missing, your device’s battery goes flat, the projector malfunctions or there is no lectern available, you’ll still be able to deliver as well. Yeah, that well. Memorize the major points you’d like to share. Be that prepared!

Breathe! I’m sure you must have heard this before, but it truly does work. Take a deep breath in, and release slowly. It will help regulate your heartbeat which might be jamming to an imaginary EDM song at the time.

Whisper to yourself “I can do this!” grab the mic and hit that stage like a pro!

Next? You!

How do you overcome stage fright? I always love to read from you. Drop a comment below.

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Olutola Omoniyi

About Olutola Omoniyi

TOLA Omoniyi is the Founder and Editor of He is a veteran media broadcaster and entrepreneur with about a decade of experience. He is also the the Founder and CEO of


  • Henry says:

    i usually just believe in myself that i cant make mistakes. I just have that much confidence in myself.

  • Olusegun Olaoke Cheggon (THE FEAR DOCTOR) says:

    One sure way of Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking is to take the Focus away from SELF… And switch the Focus to the audience. Be so passionate about what the information you have would do to the audience (Ofcourse, Prepare so well, because KNOWLEDGE naturally breeds CONFIDENCE) . By all means, just be particular about how your information would save one soul (Your presentation is not for everyone seated there.. It could be for JUST one person. So, focus on making sure that ONE PERSON gets the message) . When you change the focus, the fear of not looking good or sounding good enough, Fear of stammering, etc, begin to fade out gradually..
    Summary- Avoid being SELF-CENTERED! Re-Define things like Rejection, Failure, etc to your mind.. And go ahead to speak FEARLESSLY.

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