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5 Tips for Radio Interview Guests; How to Rock it Like a Pro

By July 24, 2017 5 Comments

radio interviewCongratulations! You’ve Been Invited for a Radio Interview Here Are 5 Important Tips for You.

Here is an opportunity to connect to thousands, or perhaps millions of people with your message. You can’t afford to mess this up.

As an On Air Personality who has been into radio for about a decade, I have included some personal experiences as an interviewer that you might find helpful.

Time To Rock This Radio Interview

1. Dress Nice. Dress Sharp!

Sometimes, one can tell how you value an event merely by the way you dress for it. When going for that radio interview, be sure to look sharp. I know you’re thinking Hey; it’s just radio, not TV. No one can see me. Well, that could have been fairly right a decade ago, not now.

Radio is as visual as ever. Pictures and live videos go along with modern radio, so I’ll advise you get dressed for it. To perform well during a radio interview, you MUST feel good about YOU, and dressing sharp could give you that feeling.

At Praiseworld Radio where I currently run the breakfast show, we simultaneously broadcast our live interviews via Instagram LIVE. We don’t even need to tell the guest beforehand.

What “WE’RE GOING LIVE” used to mean has changed. It now means “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION”. Now imagine you walked in looking all shabby and casual.

2. Be Enthusiastic. Be An Interviewer’s Delight

Quick reminder: You were not forced here, so don’t act like you were. A lot of people crave to have this opportunity. You should be excited to be here. Answer questions like you are truly interested in the conversation and willing to keep it going.

We call these kinds of people An Interviewer’s Delight and they always get called back to the show.

Trust me; this is not where you want to use those boring one-liners.

I’ll be kind enough not to mention this Celebrity’s name. On this day, I was super pumped up for a great time. I had been serving my listeners quality breakfast on radio, banging some super cool happy songs for about an hour, just before my guest arrived the studio for a 30 minute chat session.

We were geared for a good time, but when the first couple of questions I asked were met with “Yes”, “No”, “You’re Right”, “Very true” answers, I knew I had to abort the boring session, so as not to poop the party, and YES I DID. #NoApologies I’m loyal to my listeners.

The interviewer’s Delight is one who approaches every question with enthusiasm and passion. It always makes a good conversation.

3. Prepare

If I had to share only one tip, it will be this. Preparation is everything. Now this starts from your mind. You need to envision in your mind, how you will like the interview to end. I assume you want to have a good one, so run this clip (of yourself having a great time at the studio, with excellent feedback) several times in your mind.

Secondly, if you have no idea what to say when you get on radio, don’t even get out of your house.

You’ll sound silly if you have absolutely nothing tangible to share when questions are thrown at you. And remember, your silliness is being broadcast to the hearing of thousands, perhaps millions of people.

If there’s any word like it, I’ll say “OVER PREPARE”. It’s always safer having more to say with not enough time to share it, than having little or nothing to share, leaving the jockey with no choice than to throw you out by cutting the interview short.

4. Smile

This is a joker for me. Wear a smile. Smile to yourself. To the presenter, smile. Your listeners wouldn’t mind a smile. Smile to the microphone. Smile! It’s radio, but be rest assured they can “hear” your smile. Smiling not only makes you comfortable, but also those around you.

5. Be YOU, and Have Fun at It

There is a reason why they are called OAPs (On Air Personalities). It’s their personalities they sell. Now you’re in the game for a few minutes, be sure to express your own personality. Be as natural as you can. Be YOU! Not anyone else. Some people are better conversationalists off radio than on air. That’s solely because they don’t bring their true self into the interview.

Let’s take music artistes for example. When you are granted an interview on that radio station right after the release of a record, it is a grand opportunity for you to give the song more meaning.

Listeners should be able to connect with your personality thereby getting a new perception to the record that they wouldn’t have gotten by just listening to it. People should love the song more after the interview. And for some it’s vice versa. You determine the outcome by being YOU. Hopefully, your true personality is cool.


How about some extra tips for the road…

1. What If I Don’t Have An Answer To A Question?

If you don’t know the answer, and this will happen quite a lot, don’t use the “i-don’t-know” or “i-must-try-to-answer-by-all-means-though-i-don’t-know-the-answer” method, you could simply explain “Sorry it’s out of my scope/pay grade/(fill in the blanks)…, but I’ll be sure to find out”. Guess what, you can even sell your social media networks this way, promising to provide the answers there.

2. Talk To The Listener ‘Too’

Remember you’re not only speaking to the interviewer, so say something to the listeners as well


So the next time you are invited for a radio interview, I hope you knock it out like a Pro. This way you’ll get invited again.

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