At some point, you will be required to make a presentation. It could be in business, career, social or other platforms, but you sure will.

For some people, their message is forgotten immediately the presentation ends.

But for some, it stays in the minds of their audience days, weeks, months, and sometimes years after. Now that’s MEMORABLE!

I’ll like for you to be one of these “SOME”.

In the MAKING MEMORABLE PRESENTATIONS Webinar, I’ll be training you on just how to make such presentations.

From the point of preparation for your speech, to its delivery, and even the sometimes dreadful Question & Answer segment.

Oh! And when I say memorable, I mean the good one. (Some presentations could be so bad, people never forget)

After the training, you would have learnt just how to make memorable presentations.
Some of the modules include

Getting Started
How to Prepare for Presentations
Non Verbal Communication
Preparing Your Content

Kick off The Stage Fright – The Way That Actually Works
What you’re not saying sounds the loudest – Mastering Non Verbal Communication
Improving The Way You Speak
Delivering Your Presentation in Style
The Perfect Closing

Let’s Talk Questions & Answers

Date: Wednesday, August 29, 2018

FEE: N5,000

Now let’s get you started. Once you fill the form below, you’ll get an email from the SpeakLikeAPro Academy team on how to make payments, and specific details on this masterclass.