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8 Tips on How to Host a Red Carpet Show

By August 19, 2017 5 Comments

Red Carpet Show HostingRocking A Red Carpet Show Like A Pro

The glitz, the glamour, the lights, cameras, the celebrities and all that comes along with their presence. It all happens on the RED CARPET. Most major events often start with a red carpet reception, and guess who the life of this party is? YOU – the red carpet host.

So you’ve been handed the mic to host the show, and you will like to spice it up. I have been in that position more times than one. With these tips I’m about to share with you, you can’t go wrong. This is how to knock it off like a pro, even if you are a beginner at this.

But just before we delve into it, let’s ask some very critical questions;

What is the purpose? What does your outlet want?

Why are you on the red carpet? What is this recording for? What kind of information were you paid to get? Do you represent a news channel or an entertainment website? Is this for the record of the event organizer?

It is extremely important to get answers to these questions, as it will direct you on how to carry out your duties and the nature of questions to ask your guests.

1. Be enthusiastic!

Lights (Smile) Camera (Smile) Action (Smile!!!) When it comes to hosting a red carpet show, your smile is a powerful tool. You need it on and off the camera. Your smile makes people warm up to you, it keeps your interviewees comfortable, and like you should already know, makes you look good on camera.

Your guests are only as enthusiastic about your chat as you are. Approach every guest with fresh energy. Trust me, it’s contagious. You’ve got to be a log of wood to resist my enthusiastic charm. It always works for me; the secret is to USE it!

2. Dress Sharp. You Are The Queen/King of The Carpet Tonight

Now you don’t have to wear a flowing gown that will require 3 extra ladies to assist in holding, neither do you have to wear a magician’s tuxedo, but you must ensure you’re looking super dapper/gorgeous in your outlook. B&B Apparels are responsible for my ‘dapperness’, making sure I get it right every time. I recommend you get a good stylist to dress you up.

Dressing for the red carpet is relative. You have to dress to fit the occasion. If it’s a native-attire-wearing kind of event, you don’t want to be caught wearing a three-piece suit. And for all that it’s worth; make sure you’re comfortable in it.

Your dressing not only makes you feel confident and good for the camera, it makes your guests respect you, which is critical for the job.

3. Get A Spotter

Here is an easy way to flop as a red carpet host – Ask one of the key players of the event a silly question like ‘What’s your name?’ or ‘Is this your first time at this event?’

In standard events, there is a document specially made for press of the red carpet called a TIP SHEET. This shows the details of the celebrities expected on the red carpet. This saves you from embarrassing situations like this, as it helps a great deal in preparing ahead and easy identification of main guests.

However, in a case where this doesn’t exist, do yourself a favor – Get a ‘spotter’. A spotter is someone who pretty much knows the event and guests, who can give you heads up (Name and short profile) ahead when he spots a guest approaching the red carpet.

4. KISS (Keep It Short and Simple)

It’s a red carpet show and not a 2 hour TV talk show, so would you just get straight into it? There might be different media outlets on the same carpet waiting to ask this same person questions as well, so this is not the time to start asking build up questions from his date of birth to where s/he schooled.

Remember YOU DON’T HAVE ALL THAT TIME. As a matter of fact, the more influential the guest, the shorter the time you have, so what are you beating around for?

You have an idea what you need this recording for, right? Hit it right on the spot, and wrap it up before his/her publicist has to make you do so.

5. Be creative with your questions. Make them stand out

Imagine you have about 7 other hosts from different platforms on this red carpet, and everyone before you had asked Dangote ‘What’s your relationship with Mr X?’, asking him the same question will not only get you the same answer, but a shorter one.

How about you put a twist to it, “Dangote, we know you to be a very busy man with an extremely tight schedule, what made you take out time to attend this particular event?” It’s about the same question, but this will get you a fresher answer. Who doesn’t want that?

6. Look into the camera, and encourage your guest to do the same

If you’re doing a good job, it’s expected that your guest will maintain eye contact with you. However, doing a greater job demands that you keep a level of eye contact with the camera, and encourage your guest to do so as well.

I have had guests on several red carpet occasions turn to face me, in a way that almost backs the camera. It’s my duty to respectfully make them adjust. One of the ways to do this is to regularly shift your own eye contact from the person to the camera. This will make him/her conscious of the third party in the conversation (The Camera).

7. Stop That! Confidence is the name of the game. Don’t act star struck.

Why spend the bulk of the short time you have for the interview, telling him how big of a fan you are, how you love his movies or music or how you like her Instagram posts?

You must SINCERELY appreciate your guests, but let’s keep it at that. Getting yourself star struck while gushing over him won’t do you so much good. Keep it calm. Remember confidence is the name of the game.

8. Don’t forget to move the microphone back and forth

Aside a case where you have two microphones in use (ie one handheld for the guest, and one lav mic pinned to you); you need to stay conscious that this dialogue you’ve kicked off must go into the microphone.

This means you speak into it while asking questions and hold it close to your guest’s mouth while s/he responds.


Follow these tips and you’re good to go. You are now ready to rock that red carpet show like a pro.

I always like to read from you. What other tips come in handy for you when hosting a red carpet show? Please drop your comments below.


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    👏👏… It takes a pro to make a pro. I am fascinated by this. Amazing article sir… Another tip I think comes in handy when hosting a red-carpet is to give your guest a compliment first before delving into the questions. It always works. Thumbs up sir. You are doing a great job.

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    Awesome. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mercy SJ says:

    Your tips are totally fan. But I have this one issue with green carpet events. From what I’ve found they are simply meant for fundraising or environment related events. But how is it hosted? I’d appreciate your response on this sire.

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